September 29, 2023

Thiago Lontra

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Radisson Assortment launches third Artwork Sequence exhibition with surrealist photographer Minh T to have a good time the enduring Radisson Assortment Lodge, Palazzo Nani

Radisson Assortment launches third Artwork Sequence exhibition with surrealist photographer Minh T to have a good time the enduring Radisson Assortment Lodge, Palazzo Nani

The Radisson Assortment is proud to announce the launch of its third Artwork Sequence exhibition in collaboration with the acclaimed surrealist photographer, Minh T. This exciting partnership brings together the world of hospitality and art, offering guests a unique and inspiring experience at the iconic Radisson Assortment Lodge, Palazzo Nani.

Embracing Art and Luxury

As an upscale hotel brand known for its commitment to exceptional service and exquisite design, the Radisson Assortment continuously seeks innovative ways to elevate the guest experience. The Artwork Sequence is a testament to this commitment, as it merges the realms of art and luxury hospitality.

Unveiling the Surrealist Magic

The third Artwork Sequence exhibition features the captivating works of Minh T, a visionary photographer renowned for his surreal and thought-provoking compositions. The photographs on display showcase a fusion of reality and dreams, transporting viewers into whimsical worlds where imagination knows no bounds.

Surreal Spaces at Palazzo Nani

Located within the majestic Palazzo Nani, a historic Venetian palace steeped in grandeur and opulence, the exhibition takes guests on a mesmerizing journey through surrealist spaces. Each photograph is thoughtfully curated and displayed throughout the hotel, seamlessly integrating art into the luxurious environment.

The Intersection of Art and Hospitality

The collaboration between the Radisson Assortment and Minh T underscores the deep connection between art and hospitality. Both aim to evoke emotions, spark creativity, and create memorable experiences. By showcasing Minh T’s extraordinary photographs, the hotel invites guests to immerse themselves in a world where art becomes an integral part of their stay.

Experiencing the Artwork Sequence

When staying at the Radisson Assortment Lodge, Palazzo Nani, guests have the privilege of experiencing the Artwork Sequence firsthand. From the moment they step foot into the lobby, they are greeted by visually stunning pieces that set the tone for their artistic journey throughout the hotel. The exhibition creates a dynamic atmosphere, where guests can engage with the artwork and explore the interplay between aesthetics and imagination.

A Celebration of Palazzo Nani’s Legacy

The collaboration with Minh T also serves as a tribute to the rich history and heritage of Palazzo Nani. By intertwining contemporary art with the palace’s storied past, the Artwork Sequence not only celebrates the present but also pays homage to the timeless beauty of this architectural gem.

Inspiring Creativity and Conversation

The Radisson Assortment believes in the power of art to inspire dialogue and spark imagination. The third Artwork Sequence exhibition serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations among guests, allowing them to delve into the symbolism and narratives within each photograph. The hotel organizes guided tours and interactive sessions, providing opportunities for guests to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Minh T’s surrealist masterpieces.

A Gateway to Cultural Exploration

Beyond the walls of the hotel, the Artwork Sequence serves as a gateway to further cultural exploration. By collaborating with renowned artists like Minh T, the Radisson Assortment encourages guests to engage with the local art scene and discover the vibrant artistic community surrounding Palazzo Nani. This immersive experience extends beyond the duration of their stay, fostering a lasting appreciation for art and culture.